The Harmonic Song / Congo

by None Of Us

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Special thanks to Arnold Downey who, because we didn't have a drummer at the time, volunteered to help write and record the drum tracks for the single. We couldn't have done it without you.

This single is dedicated to Tom Willman, who for the last four months has been nothing but a great friend and guitarist for the band. We'll miss you while you're in Vancouver "chasing your dreams".


released April 18, 2016

Nick Bland on Vocals and Guitar
Tom Willman on Guitar
Graham Downey on Bass
Arnold Downey on Drums

Recorded by Patrick McDowall at The Oven @ CJLO 1690 AM and Soundhole
Mixed by Patrick McDowall at Soundhole
Mastered with



all rights reserved


None Of Us Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: The Harmonic Song
[Verse 1]

What's that in the corner?
What's that over there?
I think it's my time
Just passing me by

It's off in the distance
Coming into my sight
At the back of my mind
Where my thoughts go to die

I'm out for the day
But I don't know what I want
And then we go woah-oah

They sold me on distance
But I don't know anymore
And then we go woah-oah


One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four

And if you're distracted
Thinking of the old times
Then wash your feelings
Come Friday but
Not without a gun

And if you're distracted
Feeling like you're nowhere
Contrary, displacement
Thinking about it but
Don't you wonder off

[Verse 2]

All I want is a picture
To go well with my ties
Just feeling sublime
From time to time

It's slipping from memory
Forgotten in waiting
Preserving my time
I'm absent and blind

I'm out for the day
But I don't know what I want
And then we go woah-oah

They sold me on distance
but I don't know what I want
and then we go woah-oah

[Repeat Chorus Here]


I know it's ok
If you don't know who you are
Track Name: Congo
[Verse 1]

And I'm adjusting to the one way streets here
Just working out where to go

Oh oh oh oh

My legs are ready to cross the road here
I'm walking faster cause people are slow

Oh oh oh oh
No, no


I don't wanna know

[Verse 2]

And all the tunnels are packed with strangers
Just trying hard to be unseen

Oh oh oh oh

No one ever wants to be a bother
Sticking to their reality

[Repeat Chorus]